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ERP System

Overall control of the workshop

Everything you need to manage your shop... profitably

The Integreted Enterprise Resource Planning management software (e.g. machining and sheet metal) is designed specifically for make-to-order manufacturers and workshops. Since 1984, we helped thousands of businesses to become more productive and profitable with our innovative and reliable shop management software.

The barcoding system of the ERP system enables you to better control your costs. The system gathers, in real time, operating, labor and production costs, comparing them with standard estimated costs. A trigger system warns you any time your profitability might become negative. Quality requirements are controlled by the quality management module.

Our ERP solution is fully integrated. On a single screen, you can access all your departments information: Evaluation (BOM (Routing)), Quotation, Purchasing, Human Resources, Maintenance, Engineering, Documentation, Quality and Accounting. Next time, when your client calls to ask the status of their parts, you will instantaneously be able to tell them where their parts are.

The ERP system enables you to reduce delivery lead time, have a better control over the costs, optimize inventory and operations. With NTS Solution, improve your organization time and your credibility with your business partners.

See how NTS can help you with:

Estimating and quoting
Faster, more accurate estimates
Generate estimates that capture job specs and profitability from step one. The ERP System enables you to set the estimating grid and any pre-determined values – burden, labor rate, quantity breaks, etc. – and change them at will for special job or shop conditions. Push one button, get a customer quote.

Automatic orders from quotes
Create orders and all related job folder documents with “point and click” ease so the job gets onto the shop floor and into production without delay or re-entry of data.

Inventory and purchasing
Automatic inventory control and purchasing
Tie together inventory and purchasing to eliminate out-of-stocks and overstocks of raw materials or finished goods. Allocate to inventory and/or to a job in progress. The ERP System’s built-in Standard Sheet, Coil, Bar and Cut List calculator takes the guesswork out of ordering.

Accurate scheduling
Use the ERP System built-in Scheduling Whiteboard to view a snapshot of machine availability in seconds and monitor capabilities in real time.

Better work flow
Control work centers individually, schedule backwards or forwards for optimum productivity, then print the reports you need, from job schedules to almost any summary you can think of.

Real time data collection
Job information that’s always current
Enter information once and use it throughout the ERP System, from estimate to final invoice. As a job progresses, new information is added to give you an up-to-minute picture of current activity and the entire job history.

Improve performance and profitability
The Quality module is a fully integrated quality system that manages specific areas of engineering and supply-chain activities for the sole purpose of improving business performance and profitability.

eRP Quality addresses quality assurance and activities with regards to customers, vendors, employees, work centers, tooling and document numbering and control.

Performance analysis
Increase productivity
Measure the efficiency of your employees and work centers. See which machines are scrapping the most parts, which employees are producing and which ones are costing you money. Have the data to back you up when it comes time for raises. Put together an incentive program for employees based on performance.

Better financial control
Know where the money is, coming or going. The ERP System makes it easy for you to track costs, profits, and all their variables. Manage all your accounts, generate all financial and management reports from the integrated, comprehensive accounting system. Integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks.

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