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Product Lifecycle Management

Achieve optimal quality and efficiency with minimum efforts. Optimize your assets.
Manufacturing Process Management : Design, Validation, Optimization, Documentation

PLM is a global approach for innovation, new product development and introduction (NPDI) and product information management from idea to end of life. PLM technology integrates people, data, processes, and business systems. It provides a strong product information foundation for companies and their collaborators. It 's the perfect tool for discrete manufacturing and complex assemblies.

No more guessing in estimating and manufacturing

Product Management Features:
  • Project Management with agenda and time tracking
  • Product Management
  • Process management
  • eBOM, engineering BOM for General and Electronic assembly
  • Import and export to Excel
  • Products Revisions
  • Products Engineering changes
  • Documents Management (rev, check in – out)
  • Parts compliances and standards
  • CAPA
  • Parts management
  • Electronic packages
  • Tools & Safety
  • Shop Floor Model
  • Contacts
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Pictures (graphic) and video Manager
  • Graphics editor
Product estimating and optimization Features:
  • Advanced process design tools
  • Value added activities analysis
  • mBOM, manufacturing BOM management
  • Department based cost
  • Part management (consumed and referenced)
  • Tool usage & Safety Control
  • Operation (phase) Planning with Gantt
  • Operation (phase) routing
  • Cost Analyzer, Parts & Labor
  • Pareto analysis - duration, parts, labor, cost
  • Task line balancing
  • Reusable template
  • Excel Reports
  • Step picture, drawing and video
  • Automated work instructions creation
  • Electronic Workstations
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